Going from VMWare ESXi 6.0 & 6.5 to 6.7

Applicable across more versions as well.

Updating ESXi 6x to the latest version via command line...

...because doing it via WebUI just isn't going to happen.

This can be really quick and easy.

As far as I know going straight to 6.7 from any 6.0 version can be done in one shot without stepping through updates.

In the case I finally made notes and kept them, to get this done I was going from VMware ESXi 6.5.0 to whatever latest version of 6.7. It was my personal server, it was deployed on 6.5 without enough updates for my preference and I just wanted this one to be the latest. Any posts I was finding were usually from some specific version to another specific version. They did things differently... This should be a more generically applicable process.

  1. You can run this on the command line to see exactly where you're at: esxcli system version get
  2. This has more detail and to me always seems less relevant and a mess: esxcli software profile get
  3. You'll often need to get the firewall out of your way so it can grab data from the web: esxcli network firewall ruleset set -e true -r httpClient
  4. In my case I didn't need to put the system in maintenance mode no VMs added yet. The command everyone uses is (and will need to be undone): vim-cmd /hostsvc/maintenance_mode_enter
  5. You want to look up the "Profile" name that you'll be updating to. I went here: https://www.virten.net/vmware/vmware-esxi-image-profiles/ and picked out the latest at the time "ESXi-6.7.0-20191204001-standard"
  6. Given my example you'd run: esxcli software profile update -d https://hostupdate.vmware.com/software/VUM/PRODUCTION/main/vmw-depot-index.xml -p ESXi-6.7.0-20191204001-standard
  7. The system will chew on it for a few. It should complete and let you know that you'll want to reboot for it to take effect. One problem I ran into and nobody else did was...
  8. ... If you get the error "No space left on device". It's ok. You'll want to make sure there's swap ready to go. Enter the host webUI and Go to Host -> System -> Swap and activate swap on the datastore in /vmfs. Should be as easy as just the one click to use swap. Save it & try upgrading again. Should work great.

I kept seeing the hostupdate URL tossed around while looking for places to download VIBs... But that wasn't the right direction to go anyway. So in going with the command line route I found that virten.net page but would like to know where they get their updated profile list from because when that page goes away I won't be able to get hat info for myself. Feel free to drop a line about that too.

Update, on a recent 6.5 to a newer than above 6.7 I did encounter another cause for a "no space left on device" error which was well covered >here<

There, so hopefully that all makes sense just the basics, right to the point and noting how to find the one variable you'll need to change. (and noting that it would be good to know how to find that variable rather than a site to grab it from...)