You may have noticed from some other pages here ... there are some medical issues. Probably cutting my expiration date very short. Besides being difficult to slow down the process, it's expensive too. So if I've helped you in some way or if you've got some spare change and it matters to you how long I'll last. You can feel free to drop it here. The change left over after a coffee. The $1 you'd have spent on that mp3 that sucked anyway... Whatever. Every little bit is a big help.

I do prefer to be able to offer something back though. So if you could use some really great, very not over priced web hosting bounce over to and get some. If you like the darker gritier side of electronic music and other more niche music like me, you could also support my Patreon for Industrial.DJ: -- If you insist on just lobbing cash in my direction anyway, point your phone to CashApp, Paypal & Bitcoin QC Codes below:

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